Partnership and Collaboration/integration

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Ana mae Tabosing

Well I want you guys to know about Bitgert first :
Bitgert is a crypto engineering organization that has built a super-fast blockchain, which has +100k TPS and has zero cost gas fee
The Fastest Growing Ecosystem With Projects Spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 & Much More, Bitgert Also Has Developed A BRC20/ERC20/BEP20 Supported Wallet on Android & iOS.
That’s about Bitgert Chain and The cooperation offered is to bridge the Bitgert Chain and Bitgert will support your company
and Bitgert working together,
and can come up with parties commercially.

We're offering a promotion partnership/grant to hundreds of crypto projects, you can choose any of the below option:

1) We can offer you a grant for developing your products on our Bitgert chain, Grant amount varies on the product + marketing support with frequent articles, tweets from our official twitter account.

2) We can offer you a bridging solution of your coin with our partnered DEX, where you can bridge your existing tokens to our chain + promotions from our social media