Connect mobile wallets to Zerion mobile for asset trading

Abi | Zerion

Add support for:
- Trust Wallet
- Wallet connect (Rainbow wallet, Argent, etc)


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Tom Davis

Include the trading feature that’s on the website version in the mobile iOS app. 🙏🏼

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Swap Tokens in iOS App

Roger Leveriza

I agree to the plan regarding to adopt the good and reliable wallet in our history.. But we should share it to our members. Specially like me. On how can i track my earning profits...and rewards.. Regarding to this issue.. Because until now i dont have idea to get my bounties and kudos..
Thats why im only using my mobile phone. Sometimes diffucult to make a suggestion and answer to those issue..
Hoping we can resolve our issue on regards in our wallet. Yep i go to Zerio.io.

Abi | Zerion

Status changed to: In progress