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Abi | Zerion

Merged with: Notification type customizations

Cristos Magillio

I see that the app notifies with banners when i send or receive ethereum tokens. Thats cool. I also see that when people are making trades that are from my uniswap liquidity pools, there is notification of this as well. Thats way way cooler. Can i silence the sent and received notifications and just have it alert when those trades happen?


anyone want to help me? i need for my parents

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Status changed to: Planned


Support price changes for your portfolio

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Merged with: Support alerts

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Alerts when the current value is higher/lower than a threshold


Be able to set alerts when some token goes 2x, for example, from your entry. Also when the value goes lower, so you can exit if it's dumping

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Notifications for % change in price for tokens


I want to get notified that token X had a increase/decrease in price. Please check out the etherdrops bot on telegram and copy it's features!


Nanty Ortiz

We def need alerts of tokens going up or down

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Merged with: ALERTS

D Dyas

Abi | Zerion

Merged with: Total Portfolio Changes Alert


Kamarulzaman Mohamad

Defi mining pool

Hudson Smith

This would be a fantastic feature

Yoonho Kim 김윤호



+1 for such a feature. Keeping track of the uniswap gems PA changes would be such a killer feature!


Alo Bre

This is must have.
Price change notifications


This would be an absolute awesome feature. There is not a single portfolio app (especially on mobile, but as far as I know not even as a webApp) which supports this feature!


Awesome can't wait! Would be a Unique Selling Point feature atm!


Yes please.

Abi | Zerion

Status changed to: Under review