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Lexi Le Fleur

As more and more Layer2 project appear and the benefits of L2 are clear to everyone (speed and costs) we would like to see L2 (wallet) support.
E.g. MATIC. I can use the same metamask wallet to contain L1 and L2 assets but L2 are not tracked (tx aso) as on different chain.
Not sure about Loopring and the other L2 projects though.
But for example AAVEGotschi is moving to MATIC.. would help a lot of people with the upcoming Aavegotchi eco-system..
pls support
Thank you


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Ethan V

SNX L2 support as well please!


Lexi Le Fleur

awesome - Planned - that was fast ;-)


Legendary Legendary

Excited to see it on the Roadmap

Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Planned