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Abi | Zerion

A brand new portfolio page for your wallet

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oil reg

i admit i dont have the best eyes.... but it might be a easy fix to do to have a bigger right panel letter sizing..
on a 1920x1080 screen... most of the right pane is black space ... with a letter sizing of the right pane ... it would be great for visibility to fill bigger parts of the screen with my assets ... thou i understand the dapp is mostly used on cellphones


Johnny Donut

In token overviews (Invest > Uni, for example), can you show all the wallets that hold that token? Sometimes hold the same token at multiple addresses - would be good to not have to search through every address to see if it holds token X.


Ahmed Almutawa

Maybe including parts of the portfolio reports to it? roadmap.zerion.io/b/features/portfolio-reports/


Rebecca Mqamelo

Would be nice to be able to toggle between viewing assets by type/protocol/function etc.


Abi | Zerion

Status changed to: Planned