P2P transactions

Yakubu Yakubu

For Zerion to be truly global it is important to approach solutions from a fundamental point of view. Cryptocurrency from inception was designed not to work with institutions. But in today's cryptospace, banks are part of the fabric that makes up the cryptospace as we know it today. It is important for Zerion to have a fail safe and the reason for this is, we countries that wake up in the middle of the night to pass laws through institutions that take away financial freedom from it's people. Some examples of this are India, Nigeria and Turkey. One of the reason why the biggest CEX is able to get to where they are today is because they went to the root per region and designed a solution around it. Perhaps Zerion should do the same by offering something simple yet efficient. The 3 keys to this solution in my view would be
1. An Identity system like Monetha.io with Decentralized rating
2. Option of pure P2P with meditation and dispute resolution built in the smart contract
This could be a serious first step into emerging markets that actually need DeFi the most.