P&L Calculations for DeFi Assets

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Abi | Zerion

Display your Profit & Loss for each asset in your portfolio


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vinod kumar

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Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Live


anyone want to help me? i need for my parents

Reynold Duclas Jr

Would like to keep track of losses and gains of my portfolio visually on the whole , as well as for each individual coin.

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Cost Basis Display

Rebecca Mqamelo

Right now, if I go to an asset page I can see today's return, my equity and all my transactions. It would be BRILLIANT if one could see lifetime return + total gas spent on that asset. This would be a simple matter of summing all the values under 'History' and subtracting total gas spent for that asset. Would make a bug difference 🚀

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: View asset lifetime return + total gas spent


Heath B

It would be nice to see our PL for all assets on a dailyweeklymonthlyall-time scale.

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Show daily ProfitLoss for All Assets

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David Knowles

This would be awesome, like even if it was by each transaction on a asset, so say you have 5 transaction into UNI and it calculates each of those individually from a each price point if you click the asset and go granular, but aggregates them for a average cost per asset.
Not sure how you do this with different currency. But you guys are champions so I am sure you will figure it out.


Please add INR support..



Will this need integration with other on ramps/exchanges in order to determine proper basis? THis ma be a huge undertaking but would be willing to pay for it.

Abi | Zerion

Status changed to: In progress