Realised Profits & Unrealised Profits

Jason Chew

I like the new update on

However, I feel there is still one thing which prevents me from scrapping my excel spreadsheet entirely for Zerion... and that is my exits.

Currently, the profits calculated are based on currently holdings / positions & current price...

Whilst these are great... it helps me see my current position in real time.

The profit number does not take into account my previous exits.

A solution would be to have a
Unrealised Profits number; and a
Realised Profits number (takes into account when I bought and when I sold).

This would be perfect. Thanks


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Abdur Rehman

An even better flavour could be
Show balances on the basis of profit Loss. For example, If an asset is above "my buying price", turn it green.
If asset is below 'my bought price' turn it red, though it might be up by any % today.
User bought many assets and have to log buying prices in excels, it is much simple for zerion to do it.
if zerion has no 'buying' price, Let user add 'buying price for that asset.



Yes please. This is important



This is a good feature. Being able to switch between fiat and ETH based prices is also important. For example ETH value has increased a lot lately, and many users may be in profit in USD but they are actually in loss in ETH.


Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Planned