Show/hide values


Add a button to show/hide values of the portfolio for cases that you need certain privacy


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Sebastian Stypel

I want to permanently remove tokens that are scams

Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Planned


Crypto Manager

Please add "Enable & Disable" Token button just like another wallet. (E.g trustwallet) Because when the scamcoin stuck on my address wallet the value still showing on my balance wallet.

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Add "Enable & Disable" button



Please show a Total Value on All Assets column, just like in the Other Assets column.
It would be nice if we had the option to show/hide Values too.

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Value on All Assets + Show/Hide

Daniel López

Eye button to hide balance ammounts.

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Hide balances

Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Under review