Show Last Trade Profit & Loss

Heeath Brown

Show the P&L for the last trade with each coin like other portfolios display such as Coin Stats Pro.


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Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Planned


Bonacci618 Fib

Hey guys, I'm currently trading using zerion with the intention to gain more clarity on my trades. I'm attempting to realize this by matching the volume of my sell order to the amount of my (past) buy order after the price has increased. I have the tendency to write this down, but as us crypto evangelists know: administration has an opportunity cost, as time is money in this space. It would be nice if zerion would have a feature where these absolute numbers are recognized as a single trade, and the relative difference is calculated accordingly. This way we can spend our time earning more money, more accurately!
Looking forward to hearing from you guys,
Kind regards,

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Relative gains per trade

Andrey | Zerion

Status changed to: Under review

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I agree. Show it for every trade instead of the last one. Have it on the history page with all the other data.


Drypto Fan

This would be even better if it shows P&L for EACH & EVERY trade.