Support all assets to be displayed in the Chart

Abi | Zerion

All assets including Deposits, Loans, Staked Positions, etc


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M (genesis.re)

I've just moved Uniswap to Sushi to Farm - it's not tracked.
Previously, my LP (liquidity provider) tokens were strangely accounted and as a result, I've experienced many jumps in my portfolio value.


Ki Chong Tran

Can you add a pie chart view for asset allocation in a portfolio? For example, visual breakdown of a portfolio into:
20% WBTC
70% ETH
10% cETH

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Portfolio Performance graph to shows total value, not just assets value


Ezar Sanna

It would be nice to be able to show the Portfolio Performance graph (at the top of the Overview page) for the Total Value and not just the Assets value.

Isaac R

There is a note that says "staked assets and LP rewards are not included in the chart", but I have some unstaked SNX and it does not show in the the chart or in the All Assets section. I would like for unstaked SNX to be included in those parts.

Andrey | Zerion

Merged with: Include unstaked SNX in chart and in "all assets"

Andrey | Zerion

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Pornosor Rosonrop

Please add leverj gluon. They are doing a tokenswap now from leverj to leverj gluon. This project exist for 3 years. New tokenadress: 0xBbff34E47E559ef680067a6B1c980639EEb64D24


Please include support for PICKLE, FARM and other popular platforms in the Portfolio Performance / graphing widget. The figures are pretty far off as they are now. Seems you are only tracking "Assets" and not "Other Assets".

Abi | Zerion

Merged with: Support for PICKLE in Portfolio performance / charting widget


have BTC listed


Kamarulzaman Mohamad

Make money Bro



Same. Please bring it on!

John Krevosky

You guys are amazing in your willingness and desire to meet the needs and wants of your clients, if we can be called that being this app is without cost... How are the lights kept on? And is there a way set up for making a small donation monthly in lieu of the free service? You guys are my go to all day!


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Oscar McLennan

Agree with that. A single source of truth for all crypto investments would be fantastic. DeFi is the hardest part, which you have and are continually improving. A workaround in the short-term would be fantastic if the current focus is in DeFi only.


Does it included other blockchains? I want to be able to track assets from different blockchains as well. Even without actual on chain integration, just being able to add asset amounts and track would be enough

Sebastián Labbé

That would be great... or at least some kind of function like Delta to add them manually


Frank Pfeift

New Tokens could be fetched from coingecko automatically in a background task. In the future it shouldnt feasible to add every smart contract/wishes manually for all of your customers ;)

Abi | Zerion

Status changed to: Planned