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Bolide PR

Website: www.bolide.fi
Twitter: twitter.com/Bolide_fi
Telegram: t.me/bolidechat
Discord: discord.com/invite/bolide
Token: $BLID
Contact Info: pr@bolide.fi
TVL: $2.44M

**List of contracts: **
Low risk strategy 0xf1f25A26499B023200B3f9A30a8eCEE87b031Ee1
Farming/Staking (Masterchef - fork from PancakeSwap) 0x3782C47E62b13d579fe748946AEf7142B45B2cf7

**How to get address balance in the protocol? Including staked assets**
Low-risk strategy
Call *balanceEarnedBLID* to receive BLID rewards pending amount
Call *getTokenDeposit* to receive an amount of deposited/staked tokens
A common way for MasterChief to calculate it

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Nahuel | Zerion

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Bolide PR

Bolide is a next-generation decentralized yield aggregator that optimizes the deployment of its clients’ digital assets across multiple platforms, saving investors time and money and earning them market-leading yields.

TVL: $5,053,736 and increasing
Smart contracts are audited by Hacken

Bolide is one of 5 TOP yield optimizers on the BNB chain twitter.com/BSCNews/status/1560016149689122821?s=20&t=qdbLBFqxz41Ke9cjAT8aLg, one of 10 best DeFi vaults by APY on DefiLama, etc.

We request $BLID listing, $BLID vaults, and rewards to be tracked by Zerion on BNB Chain
Contract addresses: docs.bolide.fi/protocol/protocol-addresses

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