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Michael Bentley

Protocol name: Euler
Website: www.euler.xyz/#/
New website: we will soon migrate to euler.finance
Contact info: michael@euler.xyz (Email), @euler_mab (Twitter + Telegram)
Contract address: not yet released
Underlying assets: Euler is a permissionless lending protocol that will have liquidity pools for an unlimited number of assets. The only condition for listing an asset on Euler is that it has a WETH pair on Uniswap v3.

Description: Euler is a Paradigm-backed permissionless lending protocol in development for nearly a year. We've innovated on the Compound/Aave model in a number of important areas, with features including reactive interest rates, permissionless listing, MEV-resistant liquidations, multi-collateral stability pools, soft liquidations, capital efficient borrow capacity, and much more. We're about to go public in the coming weeks, and hope to have the protocol on mainnet within 2 months. We're currently working in private on Ropsten.

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