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Robson Silva Junior

How to get address balance at the protocol? Including staked assets

To get the total number of underlying assets of a certain address, you can call the function maxWithdraw(address) with the requested address as an input

How to get the composition of underlying assets?

For now, there is only one underlying asset per strategy. They way to check it is calling the view function asset()

If there is a factory contract, how to track the list of assets?

No factory contract, each strategy requires a custom new contract

How do we keep track of when the composition of the token changes?

Since we are using Lido stETH under the hood, the balances of the tokens changes in two situations:

  • When Lido's stETH contract updates
  • When the user calls Deposit function or Withdraw function

Protocol Name: Pods Yield

Landing: https://pods.finance

App: https://app.yield.pods.finance/

Contact Info (Telegram/Email): rob@pods.finance / @robsjre

Network : Ethereum Mainnet

Protocol Contract Address (including staked assets):

Underlying assets:
stETH (0xae7ab96520de3a18e5e111b5eaab095312d7fe84)

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