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Address of protocol contracts

UnipilotStrategy: 0xB7f7c5cea2b8b6138Ea3f669B2094B27dE2ec8d4
UnipilotActiveFactory: 0x4b8e58D252ba251e044ec63125E83172ECa5118f
UnipilotPassiveFactory: 0x06c2AE330C57a6320b2de720971ebD09003C7a01

Explanation of the smart contract's logic
Unipilot is the protocol which is built over uniswap v3 to manage the concentrated liquidity of users. It comprises of active and passive factories which spins up a vault of a particular pool on uniswap inorder to manage liquidity.

How to get address balance at the protocol? Including staked assets.
Our vaults are ERC20 compliant thus balanceOf function can be called on the vaults in order to read the LP share of a particular user.

How to get the composition of underlying assets?
getPositionDetails can be queried on a particular vault to get the composition of each asset.

If there is a factory contract, how to track the list of assets?
Yes it is a factory design pattern for both active and passive factories. Each factory contains a vault method which can be queried to get the vault address of unipilot.

How do we keep track of when the composition of the token changes?
getPositionDetails can be queried on a particular vault to track each assets composition.