Powerpool - Including PIPT, YETI, ASSY and staking

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The PowerPool is a protocol for pooling governance tokens and many others. Now the minority token holders can extract minimal utility from such tokens for two reasons

(1) they cannot influence the votes
(2) the significant share of such tokens don't provide any income
As a result, the fundamental value of such tokens for the minority holder is close to zero, and protocols face voters' apathy problem.

PowerPool allows the token holders to lend, pool, borrow governance tokens, get income from it, and accumulate governance power in protocols based on Ethereum. The Power Pool's mission is to expand the utility of governance tokens to the end-users and provide new coordination for decision making in the Defi ecosystem.
Heres is an Overview of all the Smart Contracts of the Powerpool Team and it would be awesome to see an integration into the Zerion Website:


In addition it would be a great to include the powerpool AMMs to the DEFI SDK, your open source libraray to guaratee the best price for your customers.

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Abi | Zerion

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Vfat, with his super awesome yieldfarming tracker, has included MOST of the smart contracts already, maybe thats helpful for your developers.